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If anyone needs advice on the spirit world ..what happens to us when we go through the change called death etc.....please contact me and if I can help I will I don't have all the answers but I have been doing this for a long time so go ahead ask me..

when we pass over to the other side of life.. or to the the summer lands as I like to call them, we still have a body..This is called our etheric body and is said to be an exact replica of our earth body...(soz but that's what is said) While on the earthplane our bodies vibrate at the same speed as our surroundings therefore making the things around us solid....when we pass to the otherside our etheric bodies are vibrating at the same rate as the etheric world (summer lands) therefore making that solid..It is said that the spirit world vibrates at a much faster rate than our earthplane that is why we can only see it sometimes for a brief moment in time The spirit world is not up or down it is in and around our world.. so our loved ones have only gone into the next room .... The next room is a different dimension and they can come back to our world anytime they want to....But they do have to learn how to do this once they are settled on the otherside. I often get asked ( why has my dad/mum/etc.. not come to speak to me, this is the reason, because they have to learn how to and some are better at it than others.....This is also the explanation as to why a spirit can walk through walls because to the spirit they are not solid....Also there may once have been a door in the wall when the spirit was on the earthplane and they are simply doing what they would do when here, using it..

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