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Christine was the co/host an psychic artist for the 1st 3 seasons of the Canadian Tv series Rescue Mediums shown in over 60 countries including the UK and Usa and around the world. Christine is a naturel medium and has develepod her gifts since childhood. With appearances in multiple magazines and tv such as This Morning and the BBC, Christine has filmed in Columbus Ohio on the Brian Shaffer cold case. And on the Ufo pilot The Rendlesham Incident, and ITVs Dead Strange hosted by Rocky horror shows Richard O'Brien. Christine now likes to try to capture spirit/ghost photos and has had numerous stories featuring these photos in many UK Newspapers and Magazines. Being the first medium to capture photos of the BEK black eyed kids of Cannock chase, Christine had mutiple Tv Radio and National newspaper stories about her photos. Christine visited the Tower of London recently and managed to capture the image of a young man stook on the outer walls, was this one of the Princes in the Tower? Christine also captured a image of a cloaked man and a face that looks very like Richard 111 near to his new tomb in Leicester Cathedral, she also captured a face in a nearby building. Please see photos.                                                                            

Christine is not associated with WPG she has worked with the team but they are independant group.









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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