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THE RENDLESHAM FOREST INCIDENT DOCUMENTRY  PRODUCED BY PAUL WOOKEY.  STARRING NICK POPE ex military of defence EMILY BOOTH actress ALAN BATES celebrity hypnotist PAUL WOOKEY paranormal investigater And CHRISTINE WALSH International clairvoyant and psychic artist. 

I reasoned that if the spirit world is in a different dimension as I beleive it is, then the Aliens are also from a different dimension. So if I can connect with spirit people I can connect with Aliens. We were near Rendlesham Forest and I sent my thoughts out into the atmossphere to see if contact could be made. We watched the sky for quite a while, then suddenly this glowing light appeared, its movements were very eratic as it danced in the sky. I do beleive that my thoughts had reached another intelligence and they appeared. Its an interesting concept mediums contacting aliens ?



all images etc copywrite of paul wookey 

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