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different ways

on this page I will shortly be explaining different gifts and therapies and what help they give..

I am a naturel healer and have been since birth this I mean the gift of healing was given to me by spirit I did not have to learn it in a development class  or how to use it ..It all came very naturely I will be showing people soon how they can find out about their own naturel gifts

Also how to do self development.....examples will be to do

automatic writing / psychometry  /pychic art /wicca/ auras /past life regression /animal healing / crystals / meditation  /tarot cards and how they work/  how to ghost hunt../rune stones /how to read playing cards/......these gifts can all be self taught 

1 AUTOMATIC WRITING there is no big mystery to this ...people have been doing automatic writing for years I believe strongly that the composers of old used automatic writing to put their music to paper being inspired by spirit...the main thing to remember is to relax take a few deep breaths before you start....sit comfortably and rest a pen or pencil on some paper keep your fingers relaxed..ask your guide to help you and to bring someone foreward from the spiritworld to use your hand and write....then wait and see what happens automatic writing takes many different forms so dont be dissapointed if at first you get unreadable squiggles..if you keep at it then all will become clear...I knew a lady who did automatic writing and only she could tell what was written down always expect the unexpexted...

PSYCHOMETRY ............

Its all about touching things ..holding an object  and opening your mind up to the object and its owner and if applicable its previous owner/s....Much can be picked up this way...the best way way is to just try it....Hold someones jewlery or watch consentrate close your eyes and say what you see in your minds eye. or write it down .the more you try this the better you will become.. 


PSYCHIC ART....................Tafke a pencil and paper rest the pencil on the paper and ask spirit to draw for you ..its as simple as first it could be just squiggles or doodles it does not matter just keep going and if you are meant to do psychic art it will come about.....take your time dont rush because spirit wont ..try it if you dont you will never know





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