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MARBURY HALL the full story of marbury hall can be found on my marbury hall site....I am co/author of the book A House with spirit the book can be obtained from Anne Loader leonie press

Here is a brief account of the story .... long ago in the mists of time there stood a hall tall and strong in the style of a french chatuex......Marbury hall stood of the edge of a mere the word Marbury actually means house by the mere or house by water....In the begining before the hall was changed it used to be a timber black and white building and it beloged to william de marbury....then it was changed into a georgian mansion and the Barrymores lived there then the hall was changed again into a french style chateux ....within each change of the hall certain parts of the old halls were encased so when they demolished it in january 1969 they actually pulled down parts of a tudor style hall and a georgian mansion......

The smith-barry family lived there for quite a few years and a said James Smith-barry was a great traveller he visited many historical sites like pompei bringing home with him many treasures for the hall.

it is said that on one of these trips he fell in love with an egyptian girl who follwed him back to england and turned up at Marbury hall in the dead of night...James by this time was already with someone else and the poor girl was heartbroken ...Still she stayed at Marbury asa housekeeper she fell in love with place and asked that when she died that she was to be buried at Marbury this wish was not carried out and the lady still haunts the place ..Many have seen her drift ing along in her white shroud........

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