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I have had a facination with the TITANIC disaster for many years as lots of people have. I have a very real fear of sunken shipswrecks. When I was a child my parents would take me to the Isle of Man for holidays, I love the place. On the ferry travelling there we passed an old shipwreck, all you could see were two funnels sticking out of the water. When I first saw it I was instantly terrified to think there was a hugh ship under the water, I am even this way with small boats under water, they make me shiver with fear. I do look at shipwrecks because even though I am scared they facinate me for some unknown reason. I do beleive in past lives so I don't know if I was a passenger on the TITANIC, but something happened in a past life to make me this way. I would like to be regressed to find out, I was helped by reknowed hypnotist Alan Bates some years ago. I would love to know why I am this way, just as I would like to know why I am scared to death of statues and suits of armour. I even joined a medevil renactment society to try to help myself. So if there are any would be hypnotists into past life regression who could help please get in touch. 

Photos are of me at the cemetary in Halifax Nova Scotia where some of the victims of the TITANIC disaster are laid to rest, including the unknown child, whose grave I can be seen standing next to, there was also a grave marked J Dawson. 



















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